James Legal Solicitors, Hull

Client – James Legal Solicitors, Hull – www.jameslegal.co.uk 

Date – February 2017

BEE Interiors Limited were approached by Nick Miller, Managing Director of James Legal Solicitors.  Having outgrown their existing office  they had recently acquired the ground floor of their current building.  An open plan office with lots of natural light, this was a fantastic space to expand into however it did not offer the privacy and security that they would require to make their 2nd office work for them.  The team at BEE Interiors Limited were given the challenge to create something fit for purpose.

By installing metal stud partitions, BEE interiors Limited were able to create 3 private meeting rooms and a further large team room.  The walls were built to include insulation for both temperature and acoustic purposes.  They were given a skim finish, skirtings were added and the walls were then painted in a bright white emulsion – this assisted with keeping the rooms bright.  Acoustic pads were also placed in the ceiling above to increase levels of privacy between offices.  To make the most of the natural light coming in from the attractive dome shaped windows at the front off the building, glass partitions were installed to each of the newly created rooms.  These were furnished with brushed chrome accessories and each was given a locking system to keep it secure.

To the corner of the room was a small, open plan, kitchen.  Walls were built around this area to separate the kitchen form the main office, a door was fitted and a private kitchen was created.

Access for clients was clearly important, with our client being particularly keen to ensure disabled accessibility.  A double doorway was formed, this was then fitted with lockable glass doors giving the options of one, or both, being in use at any time.

A once open plan room now boasts 4 private offices in a modern and attractive setting.  We look forward to adding more photographs when the glass manifestation has been added and the office has been furnished.

Illustration by: BeeInteriors